Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feeling like superwomen!

It may sound a bit strange, but thanks to the colors I always think of Supermen when I see this jumpsuit!
(So that explains my pose haha!)
To keep my 'superwomen' feel of this look, I decided to combine the red-and-blue jumpsuit only with red and blue accessories.

I absolutely love the clutches of Lulu Guinness, but unfortunatly they are too expensive for me...
Lulu Guinness
Lulu Guinness
Lulu Guinness
Lulu Guinness
So I was reeeeeeally happy when I find this lips clutch of H&M! They are quite different, but I still think my red H&M clutch is super cute :)

I am wearing:
Jumpsuit - H&M
Clutch - H&M
Bangle - Vintage
Ring - River Island
Shoes - Paoliballerina


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