Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time Out

Dear reader,

As you probably already have noticed, I haven't published anything since one week.
I'm really sorry about that, but it's because of my liiiiitle accident with a staircase.
Last Wednesday I was shopping and because of a maxi-dress I fell down the stairs.
Well, you have to admit, it's a nice story, right? ;)
But the bad news is, that I had a dislocated shoulder and a concussion.
Due to the headache I have now, the computer is not my best friend anymore...
So I have to take a little time out, which I really regret...
But I have plenty of time now to think about outfits and other cool things, so I hope to publish again really soon!

Love, from the infirmary,


  1. Oe wat vervelend! Beterschap meis <3

  2. Hellooooo honey! wanneer kan ik weer outfits van je bekijken?:D

  3. Ik wil idd wel heeeeel binnenkort weer beginnen! Heb nog geen fotograaf haha, maar heb de outfits in m'n hoofd al wel weer samengesteld ;)
    Maak jij je foto's met een gewone camera? Linda maakt ze toch?

  4. Ja maar die is nu in Enschede studeren dus zoek ook nogsteeds

  5. Ik wil je cameravrouw wel zijn btw! Euhm ja ik heb zo'n nare gewone kodak maar wil asap een nikon! Jij?


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