Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday outfit part 1

This is what I wore yesterday, when I celebrated my birthday with my family and friends in Holland!
So that’s why it’s called part 1: I’ll celebrate my actual birthday at the 2nd of November in Spain.
And the big surprise of this weekend: my mum is coming with me tomorrow to Spain! Just for three days, but I think it’s so nice she’ll be there with my birthday J
It was lovely to see all my friends and family again, I had lots of fun!
I also received great presents, I will dedicate a special post to them later!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bees and Flowers

Quick outfit post of yesterday morning!
So why 'quick' and just the 'morning?
Well, I flew home yesterday afternoon!
So I was kind in a hurry, and sorry if this disappoints you: but I'm such a person who doesn't travel really fashionable. 
In fact, I even laugh a bit when I see someone at the airport with really high heels. I mean, why should you!? I like to travel comfortable, what means jeans, sneakers, a warm cardigan and a scarf to me.
I'm in Holland until Tuesday, to celebrate my birthday already (it's the 2nd of November) and of course to just see my family and friends :)
I'll probably shoot some outfit posts here as well!!
Enjoy you're weekend girls!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Hereby a preview for tomorrow's outfit post.
This are the key items: a shirt of Patrizia Pepe and a ring of Filibustero.
 I am especially totally in love with this ring, it's just perfect!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Missoni (I wish!!) like

Unfortunately, it's getting colder and colder in Spain... Two days ago it even rained for the first time since I've been here!
So at the moment, I try to wear my summer clothes if possible, before I need to say goodbye to them for half a year..
And one of my favorite summer pieces, is this dress! Unfortunately I don't have good close-up pictures, but the middle of the dress always makes me think a bit of the patterns of Missoni, which I like a lot!

It's also getting dark earlier; you can definitely see the difference in light in the first and last picture.
So I think I need to surrender: winter is coming :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wish list: special sparkly dress

Asos has a special collection at the moment, called 'Revive'.
And I love it all! 
Under the slogan: 'Don't save the shimmer for the dance floor', you can find a lot of glitter and glamour!
Especially this dress has a really high 'I want it and I want it now' content!
Unfortunately I haven't found a good excuse yet to buy it, because it's not an everyday dress (at all!)
And then I didn't even speak about the price yet...

Dress: €326.13 
 You can find the Asos Revive collection here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Your very best of Versace for H&M

Wauw! After I blogged about the fun collection of Versace for H&M, I found out about this cool contest, made possible by Polyvore and H&M!
For the ones who don't know Polyvore: it's a website where you can make fashion sets, templates etc. It's a nice website to catch up some inspiration, and of course make nice sets really easily yourself.
So H&M and Polyvore are organizing the competition 'Your very best of Versace for H&M', where you need to design a set, with the clothes of the collection!
Every day they pick 10 winners who will win a scarf, and the final winner will win three (!!) complete outfits!
Of course I wanted to give it a try as well, even if 10.000 other fashionistas had the same idea ;)
So here you see my style set, what do you think!? Do I have a chance?
It aren't my favorite pieces, as you already saw in my last post, but this skirt hasn't won anything yet so I wanted to be original! 

You only have two days left to enter the competition; so hurry up!
Facebook page of H&M with information about the contest: here
Polyvore website to enter the contest: here

Good luck everybody!

Versace and H&M

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paris is always a good idea

I just couldn't resist it: as you probably already saw, I'm wearing the colors of the French flag!
I thought it would be funny to combine this lovely tee about Paris in a totally French way. That's why I'm also wearing a French braid. I'm actually only missing the Eiffel Tower earrings haha! ;-)

By the way, in the background you see the main entrance of my uni. Back in the day this was an old monastery and what you see is the church, which is now used as Aula Magna! Pretty cool right?!

Have a great sunday y'all! 

I am wearing:
Shirt - Glamorous
Skirt - Zara
Blazer - Mango
Shoes - Zara
Earrings - Otazu

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Versace and H&M

So pleeeease tell me: who isn't excited about the collection of Versace for H&M?!!
Because I certainly am!
The collection is as I expected it to be: glitter, glamour and a bit over the top ;)
But I love it!
I don't think you should combine it all together, but there are some pieces which I really would like to have!

My personal top 5:

1. I just totally loooove this studded leather dress! It's rock 'n roll, but still glamorous and chic!
Dress: 249,-
Bag: 99,- 

2. This great pink dress! Gold and pink; it's so girlish!
Dress: 179,-

3. On my third place this glamorous fake fur bodywarmer! 
Bodywarmer: 59,95,-
4. It's actually a shared third place, because I also love this complete outfit! It's totally Versace-like. But especially that great leather jacket would look really good in my closet...
Leather jacket: 199,-
Silk top: 59,99 
Silk skirt: 59,99

5. Last, but certainly not least, this suede ankle booties! I love the fact that they are pretty long. Also the pointy toe really makes me wanna buy them, as I'm totally into pointy shoes at the moment!
Ankle boots: 129,-

What are your favorites? 

Welcome back!!

Sweeeeeet readers,

First, my honest excuses for my not so short time-out… Due to some bad complications, and yes also to pure laziness, I didn’t posted for a farrr to long time.

But the good news:

I’m back!!!

There are some changes though..:
To start with, the one you probably already noticed:
I changed the name of my blog.
Unfortunately I found out that some people relate ‘Fashionsexual’ sometimes to things I really don’t mean by it.
And I’m really proud of my new name: ‘Chic Fashionfreak‘!

The other chance, far more radical for me personally, is that I moved from the Netherlands to Spain.
That’s right, I’m studying at IE University, in Segovia, where I’ll stay the first two years. The last two years I’ll move to marvelous Madrid. Segovia is a beautiful city, and I hope to make some great shoots in this city!
It’s the best choice I’ve ever made to go study abroad! So if you also consider to do this, or if you just have some questions about living abroad/in Spain, please contact me!
The best thing about living in Spain: the Zara is even cheaper here!!!
The bad thing: I have a tiny tiny tiny closet… This really restricts me in my outfit posts, as I just can’t wear what I actually want to sometimes… So unfortunately I can’t post that much outfitposts anymore..
But who know, maybe it will make me really creative!
Anyway, welcome back, and stay tuned!

Lots of love, Isabella.