Thursday, October 27, 2011

Missoni (I wish!!) like

Unfortunately, it's getting colder and colder in Spain... Two days ago it even rained for the first time since I've been here!
So at the moment, I try to wear my summer clothes if possible, before I need to say goodbye to them for half a year..
And one of my favorite summer pieces, is this dress! Unfortunately I don't have good close-up pictures, but the middle of the dress always makes me think a bit of the patterns of Missoni, which I like a lot!

It's also getting dark earlier; you can definitely see the difference in light in the first and last picture.
So I think I need to surrender: winter is coming :(

I was wearing:
Dress - Dept
Jegging - H&M


  1. I love this, your posts are always great, I love to follow!
    Please see mine :)

  2. Thank you, that's so sweet! :)
    Cool by the way that we are namesakes hihi!


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