Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome back!!

Sweeeeeet readers,

First, my honest excuses for my not so short time-out… Due to some bad complications, and yes also to pure laziness, I didn’t posted for a farrr to long time.

But the good news:

I’m back!!!

There are some changes though..:
To start with, the one you probably already noticed:
I changed the name of my blog.
Unfortunately I found out that some people relate ‘Fashionsexual’ sometimes to things I really don’t mean by it.
And I’m really proud of my new name: ‘Chic Fashionfreak‘!

The other chance, far more radical for me personally, is that I moved from the Netherlands to Spain.
That’s right, I’m studying at IE University, in Segovia, where I’ll stay the first two years. The last two years I’ll move to marvelous Madrid. Segovia is a beautiful city, and I hope to make some great shoots in this city!
It’s the best choice I’ve ever made to go study abroad! So if you also consider to do this, or if you just have some questions about living abroad/in Spain, please contact me!
The best thing about living in Spain: the Zara is even cheaper here!!!
The bad thing: I have a tiny tiny tiny closet… This really restricts me in my outfit posts, as I just can’t wear what I actually want to sometimes… So unfortunately I can’t post that much outfitposts anymore..
But who know, maybe it will make me really creative!
Anyway, welcome back, and stay tuned!

Lots of love, Isabella.

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