Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gold and fur

Me and my pets, hihi!
As you probably can see, this picture is made in Holland; I shot them last Monday!
When I see this, I get pretty homesick.. Because no matter how much I like it here, I still enjoy being home so much, just being together with my family and friends... 

Ok, switch of topic: back to my outfit! I love this combination of gold and fur, I think it's so chic :)
And yes, I'm wearing this gold pants again, but I'm just completely in love with them! And okaayy, actually with everything that is glittery. Or metallic. <3
Enjoy your sunday!

I am wearing:
Blazer - Met
Top - Dept
Pants - Zara
Bag - Angel Reinares
Shoes - Vero Cuoio


  1. We love your outfit do much!.. It is absolutely adorable.. the boots are perfect for the jeans, blouse and blazer.. Amazing!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. Bedankt voor je leuke reacties :D.
    Deze broek staat je goed! Mij maakte hij een stuk dikker helaas :(!

    XX, Eva Floor


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