Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My lovely birthday presents

As I promised, hereby a post about the great presents I received!

First, this absolutely awesome, fantastic and just perfect sunglasses!
I already wanted them since the time they came out, but never managed to find them...
Luckily my boyfriend did, and he made me sooo happy!

Next, this lovely bracelet I received from my friend and fashion blogger Carlijn. You can find her blog here.

I'm also super happy with this fancy handbag, which my aunt gave to me :)

Something that was really high on my wish list as well, was this great glitter eyeshadow of Dior. My dear friends in Holland gave it to me. Thank you giiiirls!

I also received a super sweet present of my friends here in Spain: this great silver bracelet! I'm getting it engraved :)

And finally, I also bought myself a birthday present haha! I'm happy with this nice earrings, I love the color!


    Ik ga volgend jaar tegen de zomer denk ik ook op jacht naar DE bril. DE schoenen kon ik ruilen vandaag en maat 38 zit en loopt perfect! Nogmaals bedankt! VEEL LIEFS en let op de brievenbus in espana!

  2. wat een leuke verjaardagkados!

  3. Happy Bdaay!!! I'm a new followers, love all the presents, I haave a nearly the same bag your aunt gave to you :)

    Have a look to my blog if you want :)


  4. wat een mooie cadeaus! En je zonnebril... jaloers!

  5. like the's so fit..I appreciate it.

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